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Devina Kaur is a self-made woman who has dedicated her life to dispelling toxic shame and raising human consciousness through her not for profit foundation Sexy Brilliant TM.  She is the winner of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award as well as the REX Karamveer Chakra.


Devina has become a media personalility after having made thousands of guest appearances on mainstream and social media around the world. Not only is she the founder of the Sexy Brilliant Non Profit Organization. She is also the author of a spiritual self-help work book, Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious. However, she describes herself as an accident author. You can listen to her on 101.5 Mike FM in Montreal every Friday on her radio show DEAR DEVINA or on her YouTube channel.

“I am committed to tackling the subject of toxic shame and how it relates to mental health, addiction and poor self-esteem. My goal is to create a space for honest conversation about difficult subjects and the path to true authentic self-discovery by creating an environment of psychological safety where acceptance can be achieved. I invite anyone who ever felt like an impostor, not good enough, guilty, not deserving, hopeless.… to join me and the rest of the Sexy Brilliant Community as we support each other. I hope you will connect with me and the millions of others who have dared to embark on a Sexy Brilliant journey of self acceptance."


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